Jul 10

Noko Yo Bokamoso – Lerato Shadi

Category: 2016,art

Report by Dillon Lutchman, Bracken Lee-Rudolph & Ethan Van Diemen

NOKA YA BOKAMOSO is an exhibition that encourages dialogue about where we are as a nation and our ability to re-imagine a collective future. Artist and creator Lerato Shadi brings together video, painting, music and performance to create a narrative interrogation on the social constructs surrounding black South African woman through her visual works. The exhibition forms part of a larger movement from Shadi’s past works which encourage fresh debate over constructs of racial, socioeconomic and nationality-power constructs by placing the artist in a dual position of vulnerability, through visibility, and dominance through performance style; ultimately creating a metaphor of South Africa’s checkered racial dynamic.

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